Coffin Accessories

All our coffins are fitted with a padded (cotton and Bamboo fiber) 5 piece liner. These soft padded liners work particularly well with our coffins and are a more eco friendly version compared to the silk liners of old.

We also have a number of other accessories available - but not all funeral directors will have them readily available in stock. Again the short time frame of an Irish funeral often comes into place here as to the availability on demand. If you see anything that you would like to add to the coffin then please call your funeral director if there is time to pre arrange.

available accessories

Celtic Cross

Our laser engraved Celtic Crosses are easy to attach to the lid of our coffins.

Normal size is 8" long - however given time we can make these bespoke and have made 20", 8" (Standard), 6", 5" and 4"

Bespoke Name Plate
Our laser engraved Name Plate are easy to attach to the lid of our coffins. Again the quick nature of an Irish funeral means that these are often not available in the time frame required - due to the transport of the product. If you wish to have a bespoke nameplate please contact your funeral director and we will discuss with them.

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