Urns for Ground Burial

Urns for Ground Burial

Ground burial urns are used to bury cremated ashes in an exisiting family grave, or simply in a favourite place.

FAQ: Can we bury ashes on our own land? Answer: We often get people enquiring if it is legal to bury ashes in a garden or on their own land - in short yes you can with the landowners permission - there is no legal reason why not - however it is not something we recommend as this can cause access problems if the property is ever sold.

Delivery Cost of €8.95 will be added in the shop no matter how many urns are ordered.


Heart Shaped Paper Urns

image024The beautiful heart shape of the Paper Urn provides a soft and warm feel to the urn. Inlaid with fresh flower petals, the Urn is designed for ground burial. Once the urn is buried, it will biodegrade naturally over time.

Each one is slightly differentiated by the petals used. Size: 8W” x 5D” x 6.5H” 200 Cubic Inches

Price €69.00

Mini Mulberry Heart Shaped Urns

MiniMul paper heart UrnsOften families wish to separate the ashes of a loved one to keep or to bury / scatter in separate areas.
Our Mini Mulberry Paper Urns are designed with these purposes in mind.
Each urn is unique with different petals giving them colour. The Mulberry Paper gives a soft and warm feel.
Size: 4.75"L x 4.25"W x 3.25"H    .49 Litres

Our Price: €24.95 each
(Delivery Cost of €8.95 will be added in the shop no matter how many urns are ordered).


Acorn Urns

The Acorn Urn made from moulded recycled paper. It is light weight, fully biodegradable and produced to a standard 10″ high x 8″ wide (adult size). The close fitting lid makes it ideal for the storage or burial of ashes. You can also choose a 100% cotton liner with a draw string finish. Available in Moss Green, Dark Green, Stone, Dutch Gold Foil, Russet, Purple, Yellow and Turquoise. Delivered Prices anywhere in Ireland from €79
Acorn Urns Top Row
Acorn Urn Bottom Row

Banana Leaf & Rattan Urns

These Banana Leaf and Rattan urns include an internal eco-friendly calico bag.   Price €69 Plus delivery
Banana Leaf and Rattan Round Urn380Banana Leaf and Rattan Square Urn 380  

Pandanus and Rattan Urns

which include an internal eco friendly calico bag. Price €69 Plus delivery

Pandanus and Rattan Round Urn 380Pandanus and rattan Square Urn 380buynow

Willow Urns

which include an internal eco-friendly calico bag.    Price €69 Plus delivery

Willow round Urn 380Willow square urn 380Willow tall urn 380



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