Scattering Tubes For Sharing

The Bluebell Forest, Ocean sunset and Autumn Woodland come in two sizes. These Eco friendly Cremation Ashes Scattering tubes are designed to simplify the scattering process.  Simple to use each urn features a convenient removable lid and a perforated “push in” tab that opens easily prior to allow scattering.
The large ones are 3.3 Litres, 12.6″H x 5″Dia.. The mini scatter tubes can be used for dividing ashes or for infant ashes and are .33 Litre, 5.25″H; x 2.95″Dia.

3newccattertubes3FAQ: Can ashes be disbursed in lakes or rivers?
Yes there is no legal reason why you can not scatter ashes in a lake or in a river (ashes contain no DNA / chemicals or nutrients). However it is always better to check with the owner and agree access. 

FAQ: Can ashes be scattered in a park / mountain top?
Answer: If you have the landowners consent yes you can scatter ashes anywhere. However note that significant amounts of ash scattered at various mountain tops (especially areas of significant beauty near large urban areas) can have an effect on normal vegetation in the area - the ashes (with no nutrient value) can act as a barrier to growth.

Our Price: €29 for the large or €15 for the small.
(Delivery Cost of €8.95 will be added in the shop no matter how many urns are ordered).


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