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Willow in a coppice plant which grows extremely quickly. A mature stool can give rise to over 30 rods and a single rod can grow to 8ft tall in one season (May to October). Each stool can last over 30 years. This makes willow not only an extremely sustainable material but also one ideal for weaving. Willow is harvested in winter months after the leaves have fallen off. These leaves provide the nutriants for the following years plants meaning no fertlisers are used.

Green and Brown Irish Made Willow

Green and Brown Irish Willow - Hand Woven in Fanad, Co. Donegal.

We use a mixture of brown (buff) and green willow (Green willow is known as brown willow - and is willow in its natural state) to achieve a two tone effect.

Manilla or Hemp ropes are woven through the uprights to  make the handles loadbearing.  Finished with simple calico linings.

cut out green and brown irish willow

trad irish willow coffin new transparent

Sizes available 6'3", 6'8", 5'11" & 5'8" are the normal sizes we produce. However given time we can customize sizes to measure

Bespoke Coffins or just trying new things in our workshop. 

3 tone irish

Sometimes people ask us to make specific coffins for them (through funeral Directors). Given the time, availability or rods (and soaked rods) we will try to accomodate people's wishes - or sometimes we try new designs.

Above is one we made in 3 tone but is now gone.


Round End Willow

Round End Buff Willow



Traditional Willow

Traditional Shaped  Willow
buffwillowtransparentSizes available  5'8", 5'11" & 6'4"